Switch Studio/Big Blowout February 12th at 6pm
Switch Studio/Big Blowout
1835 E. 6th St. Suite 18
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Wow, Switch Studio turns 20 and Creative Connect turns 10.

It's only fitting that we gather at Switch this month, not only celebrate its 20th year, but because it's where the brainstorming for what's become Creative Connect all began.

What started out as an idea is now a catalyst in building connections and community among creative people. The connections that have been made through Creative Connect continue on in the form of personal, social and business relationships. People have made friends, found jobs, located office space, created new business, and businesses, found homes, and even met their spouses.

Switch Studio has also played a huge role in building connections among creative people, as well as connecting and providing clients with great creative services. These services include publication design, identity and art direction, for both local and national clients.

And Switch has one of the cooler live/work spaces in town. It's in a former warehouse and houses a large collection of collections, including one of the larger collections of cool bikes. There's also a half-pipe, for those interested in trying out their skater skills. We'll turn the music up.