The Walter Show October 8th at 6pm
The Walter Show
6425 E. Thomas Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
The Walter Project is an Arizona-based collective of artists, tinkers, and thinkers, devoted to creating and sharing truly unique experiences. From the moment you walk through the world’s largest craftsman-style doors and see Walter the World’s Largest VW Bus, it’s clear that you just stepped into a place lovingly engineered for happy. Through the performance stage, art gallery, outdoor kitchen, and on-premises brewing co-op, Walter is constantly inventing new ways to share, entertain, surprise, and make sure everyone stays delightfully off-balance and has a great time.

Come meet the Walter Project’s latest creation, KALLIOPE! This mobile concert venue offers 100,000 Watts of crystal clear bone-rattling sound, and a truly dazzling light show, wrapped up in the visual style of the turn-of-the-century spectacle of the same name. Whether it’s electronic dance music at Burning Man, or live bluegrass at the Jerome VW Jamboree, KALLIOPE doesn’t just play music – she puts on a show!

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