Shemer Art Center for MicroDwell 2014
February 11th at 6pm
Shemer Art Center for MicroDwell 2014
5005 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85018
MicroDwell is an exhibition of owner-built and human-inhabited micro-dwellings, which will be on display from February 15 thru March 23 at the Shemer Art Center & Museum.

The exhibit will showcase the design-build features of small modular structures, their varied uses, alternative construction techniques and cost-effectiveness. MicroDwell 2014 will highlight the positive benefits to the environment by conscientious material selection, use of salvage materials, and minimization of waste.

The exhibit will showcase varied designs from practical to artistic, as well as the creative effort of each builder. Structures on exhibit are required to be 600 square feet or less, self-contained, modular, and portable.