Sun Studios of Arizona August 9th at 6pm
Sun Studios of Arizona
1425 W 14th St
Tempe, AZ 85281
Entrance is on the south side of the building.

"Arizona's one-stop place for creative production space!"

"Open as of May 1st 2016, Sun Studios of Arizona is a 23,000 square foot facility that provides a collection of world-class studios including Stage One (equipped with a Broadcast/Control Room), Stage Two (designed with a Two-Wall Infinity Cyclorama), Auditorium/Theater, Audio Suite, and "On the Lot" collaborative co-working offices. Formerly Collins College, an art and graphic design school, this historical building had become vacant in 2015 after Collins College announced their separation in 2012. Sun Studios of Arizona's CEO, Darrin Ramage, jumped at the chance to save this foundation with his vision of repurposing it entirely. With the birth of Sun Studios of Arizona comes each multifaceted space which can transform into an abundance of creative opportunities including corporate events, business and conference meetings, personal project space, festivals, commercial/film shoots, live sound recordings, wedding receptions, video game development, advertising development, and so much more. Sun Studios of Arizona's clients have the opportunity to rent within while receiving complete assistance from a team of expert staff, comprising over one hundred years of professional experience.

"You could have a graphic designer sitting next to an editor who just happens to need a title page," Ramage explained. Ramage said he wants to extend that spirit of cooperation to other established studios in the Valley because everyone has strengths and weaknesses, busy times and idle times. "I didn't do this for competition," he said. "I want us to work together and build our industry." -Published in the East Valley Tribune