Chartreuse Art Gallery October 11th at 6pm
Chartreuse Art Gallery
1301 NW Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Letterpress printing is still done the old fashioned way from mixing inks by hand and using cast iron presses to transfer the ink onto paper. This is an invitational print exhibition that showcases the handmade nature of Letterpress printing in posters, broadsides and fine art prints. The artists in the show are a geographically diverse group of letterpress printers working in a range of print shops from universities to professional venues as well as in-home studios and garage shops across the nation. The artwork highlights talented printers who work with traditional letterpress forms--wood and metal type, as well as those who push the limits of letterpress by applying modern technology to create new printing methods and substrates.

Featured artists include: Donna Atwood; Erin Beckloff; Brent Bond; Mary Bruno; Christa Carleton; Kerri Cushman; Karen Domnitch; Kyle Durrie; Dan Elliott; Jennifer Farrell; Chris Fritton; Michael Hepher; Sarah Hough; Cindy Iverson; Amos Kennedy; Casey McGarr; Geri McCormick; Daniel Mayer; John Risseeuw; Jon Rose; Jeffery Shepherd; Jessica Spring; Brad Vetter; Richard Von Holdt; Brian Wood; Eric Woods; Karen Zimmerman.

Featuring: Dead Feminists - Chandler O'Leary & Jessica Spring