Walter Art Gallery August 8th at 6pm
Walter Art Gallery
6425 East Thomas Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Walter Art Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of photographer Marilyn Szabo, who will showcase her fine art installation entitled "Ligature," guest curated by Nicole Royse, of Royse Contemporary. The installation will showcase 10 large-scale images printed on vinyl, highlighting the technically exquisite and surrealist imagery created by Szabo. A "ligature" by definition is a connection (from the Latin word "ligari") and it is made from two or more things, which appear to be connected, resulting in a single symbol. Szabo conveys this idea of "ligature" through the repetition of the same face depicted throughout all of her images. When asked about significance of "the face" Szabo states, "The face, which reoccurs in all the prints, represents both a male and a female; the face is neither one," explaining that when examining the work "one should accept its ambiguity, which in a sense is the basic point." The sequence of images are like notes that become a single musical phrase, which is an additional definition of "Ligature."

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