Royse Contemporary December 11th at 6pm
Royse Contemporary
7077 E. Main Street, Suite 6
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Royse Contemporary is proud to present Exposure: Architecture & Landscape, a small group photography exhibition highlighting captivating imagery of both architecture and landscapes found around the country. The photography highlighted in this exhibition showcases the beauty of nature, the simplicity and elegance of great design, all while capturing their surroundings with a refreshing new perspective and artistry.

This is Royse Contemporary's first photography exhibition, which features four talented and dynamic artists: Marilyn Szabo, Andrew Pielage, Peter Brian Klein and Johnny Kerr. Each artist has created striking and powerful imagery that showcases their unique style, distinct voice, keen eye for detail and mastery of their medium. "I have developed a strong relationship and deep respect for each artist and their work over the years and am ecstatic to showcase them in Scottsdale at Royse Contemporary," states Curator Nicole Royse.