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No Gathering For a Bit. August 11th at 6pm
No Gathering For a Bit.

Creative Connect exists to connect, support, promote and educate the creative community.

Creative Connect was founded in 2003 as a way to build community and connection among creative people. It serves to facilitate communication, collaboration and cooperation within the creative community. Since its inception, Creative Connect has brought together thousands of people in an authentic and trusted manner. This is accomplished through small-group gatherings, closed-group roundtables, and one-on-one meetings, and through its Founder as a Connector and Facilitator.

The connections that have been made through Creative Connect continue on in the form of personal, social and business relationships. People have made friends, they’ve found jobs, located office space, created new business and businesses, found homes, and even met spouses.

According to author Richard Florida, “The Creative Class are a key driving force for economic development of post-industrial cities.”

In a paper entitled “Fostering the Creative City,” Carol Colletta states: “Creativity and cities are natural partners. They can strengthen each other. It is important to recognize how careful investments in a city’s creative resources, especially its people, can be used to bring into being the creative city that benefits all members of the community.”