IN FLUX April 10th at 6pm
Tempe &
Scottsdale, AZ

The evening will start as a tour in Downtown Tempe at 6 pm. There will three installations to see in Downtown Tempe, and then four in Downtown Scottsdale. A double-decker bus will be shuttling people from Downtown Tempe to Downtown Scottsdale, but unfortunately, the bus is already full. You can put your name on a waiting list, though. Or you can join the tour in your own vehicle and/or on foot. To request directions, or to add your name on the waiting list, go the blogsite.

The after-party at SMoCA Lounge runs 7-9 pm and includes free food & drink, as well as entertainment including IN FLUX visuals. If you can't make the tour, we'll be at the SMoCA Lounge starting at 7 pm, but please wait until then before you show up.

Those who rode the bus to Scottsdale will be returned to the starting point in Tempe following the after-party.