Walter Studios February 10th at 6pm
Walter Studios
834 N. 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Parking and entrance to the building will be from the fenced lot south of the building, accessible from 7th Ave.

Walter Productions is a division of The Walter Project, an Arizona based collective of artists, tinkers and thinkers devoted to creating and sharing truly unique vehicular experiences. It started with the creation of Walter, the world’s largest VW Bus, who was first shared in 2009 at Burning Man. The renovation of the Walterdome then provided the space needed for the creation and storage of Walter’s kin: Big Red – a double-size VW Baja Beetle, Kalliope – a massive portable DJ sound stage, and Heathen – the fire breathing fire truck. In 2014 Walter Productions introduced an oversized VW Kübelwagen towing three recreated WWII radio trailers themed Love, Gratitude, and Forgiveness. This 4 piece interactive mobile art experience is affectionately known as Peace Train.