Asteriskos and Vintage Industrial April 12th at 6pm
Asteriskos and Vintage Industrial
1301 E. Jackson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Asteriskos is an interdisciplinary architecture, design and digital fabrication studio in downtown Phoenix. We bridge the gap between designer and fabricator, enabling a real world knowledge of both traditional and digital methods of making; to work in conjunction with new and emerging digital software and technologies. Asteriskos (Greek for asterisk) represents the “notion of the infinite” and working on the edges where architecture, art, design, construction, and fabrication intersect.

Vintage Industrial takes their inspirations seriously when it comes to designing and fabricating furnishings. With 23 craftsmen working during the hot summers of Arizona, each piece create signifies the beauty of the design to the practicality of the form. Founded in 2009, their designs started as a means of personal furnishing and has lead to the furniture many residencies, corporations, and even TV sets have become dependent on. Utilizing their catalog as a springboard to help clients craft their own vintage and industrial inspired furniture, and backing their product with a virtual lifetime warranty, Vintage Industrial has amassed a large following of repeat customers and designers who see the beauty in that which mainstream society tries to forget.